INGA FALKOWSKA is an interdisciplinary artist. She is a painter, poet, author of the art installations “the Fifth Dimension”. Moreover, she is a designer and creator of unique artistic jewelry.
Inga is the founder of Wherenowhere Art Gallery in Brussels.
In the art of Inga Falkowska, we often encounter symbolism and expression. Its purpose is to stimulate the viewer to reflect on human existence.
According to the artist, intense industrialization and the achievements of modern technology do not satisfy the emotional needs of people, which makes them increasingly alienated and lost.

“Beauty and its oppositional visualization, as superficial elements, cannot be a priority interpretation of work, because the essence of being is a much higher aspect”

Inga’s Projects:


THE 5TH DIMENSION PROJECT is a unique combination of installations and photography.
By shedding specific light on an object, we give it a specific interpretation, which becomes the 5th dimension of its space.
The 5th Dimension addresses topics that require deeper reflection and consideration.
Balancing between short term and long term actions, between what is real and artificial. Between what we do and do not understand.
It is very important to mention that all installations are built from recycled and second-hand objects. This also strengthens the multidimensional character of works, which gain a new meaning and life by being used in another context.

The installations have been created by Inga Falkowska and the photos and graphics by Aleksandra Rowicka.

Inga Jewelry

Inga’s Jewelry is a line of artistic jewelry. Each piece is a unique, handmade piece of art.

The artist, Inga Falkowska, creates her works based on observation of human personalities.  A jewel would emit an aura and emotion of its wearer.  It may transform a person who wears it, by an intimate relationship between personality and art.

In Inga’s works, you may very often see her favorite turquoise. For her, it symbolizes the water element, freedom, and independence. Sometimes these colors take a seat next to colors of nature and materials like linen or wood. This reminds of Slavic origins of an artist. These pieces can be related to mother nature, wild woods and meadows of Eastern Europe.

Recent works combine modern approach and ethnicity. Colors and unique forms are underlined by the usage of gold and silver.

Inga’s works represent vitality, self-understanding, and self-confidence.  In her creations, you can find subtle elegance or bold, independent statements.

Recently the artist started to explore unisex creations. Personality statements have no gender or classifications. Artistic jewelry is an excellent medium to convey diversity and inclusion.

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